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Cars Guide

Cheap Student Wheels carry a wide selection of vehicles. Here are some popular favorites for value and reliability.

Ford-Falcon-BA-XT-Wagon2003-2005 Ford Falcon Wagon BA XT

The Ford Falcon wagon is amongst our favourite at Cheap Student Wheels. Great for students who plan to travel! Just load up and hit the open road. The back seats fold down and the space seems endless- even enough room to sleep 2 people comfortably. Generally price will range from $4000-$6000 for a decent one.


FestivaFord Festiva 1995-2000

The Festiva is a great all rounder, combining compact design with a fuel-efficient yet zippy 1.3/1.5L engine. The majority of these sold by Cheap Student Wheels are manual, however orders for automatic transmission are welcomed. A smart choice for students on a budget who want to get from A to B.


camrycgToyota Camry Mid 90’s

The Camry is a larger sized vehicle ideal for carrying extra passengers or taking road trips. Chose between the smaller 4-cylinder engine for higher fuel efficiency or a more powerful V6.


wagon-camrycgToyota Camry Station Wagon

Just like the sedan version but with the added convenience of large storage space at the rear. The back seats fold down offering plenty of space for storage or for two people to sleep.


lasercgFord Laser 1994-1998

The Laser is one of the few cars that can compete with the Corolla for reliability, fuel economy, and value for money. The earlier models are very inexpensive and great cars to get around in if you are on a tight budget.


ascentcgToyota Corolla Asent 1993-2003

The Ascent is also a member of the trusted Corolla family. If you are after a medium sized car with all the luxuries a brand new vehicle has to offer then this is for you. A great option if you are sharing the expense with friends. Air-conditioning and power steering come standard. Very economical and easy car to drive.


secacgAE101 Toyota Corolla Seca

The Toyota Corolla is one of the most popular cars sold in Australia.  Reliability is one of the main advantages this great car has over its competition. It will get you where you need to go without the associated fuel bill that comes with driving a larger car. Although the Seca is a compact car, you still have the freedom to be able to fold down the rear seats and load your surfboards for a trip to the beach. Most models come with air-conditioning.


AE94cg1AE94 Toyota Corolla

This car is the ultimate budget vehicle with starting prices from $1800. Great if you need a set of wheels to get around in but don’t want to pay for unnecessary extras.


1998COMMODOREHolden Commodore

Spacious and powerful station wagon. Automatic only. Ready to load up and explore the coast.